Differentiated Learning Paths

Learning paths designed for different types of participants.  We start with administrators to build culture.  We develop teacher-leaders to increase excitement and adoption.  We differentiate teachers based on comfort level and experience with technology. 

Blended and Continuous Learning

A combination of on-site and virtual workshops designed to meet the challenges of effective PD.  Workshops are grouped in progressive stages, and start with getting learners comfortable with the school or district’s chosen technology.

Grounded in Adult Learning Theory

Practical and gamified micro-courses to encourage participation.  An onsite kickoff session to excite and inspire educators about digital transformation. Our learning coaches are veteran classroom educators skilled at empowering adult learners to embrace technology and integrate into their professional practice.  

Are you deploying Chromebooks or Google Apps without training your admin and teachers to be comfortable using them?

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"This pd was great! Apps and ideas I can actually use in my class!"
"This was an excellent professional development that can really be used in our classes to enhance the classroom setting and student learning. Thanks for the session!"
"I'll be able to benefit from much of the information presented today. I've already set up one class in Google Classroom and am looking forward to getting the students on board tomorrow!"
"LOVE Google Classroom and am planning on implementing it in my classes!"
"I enjoyed everything about this lesson!"
"I love the presentation of the different apps to use in blending classroom work."
—Teachers at Dothan City Schools
"MobileMind was able to help us organize our AirWatch console and provided excellent consulting and support for our district. We value the relationship we have built with the MobileMind team."
—Kristin Hearne, Director of Instructional Technology, Anderson1, SC School District

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